Eternal youth

the eternal ideal state:  the innocence of youth

          Youth Keeping Secrets                 

Really? Youth keeping secrets?

Yes! Select supplements can save your youth!

Concerning health, well know expert, Dr. Andrew Weil (M.D.) said:

 Dr. Andrew Weil quote

   "Optimum health addresses the mind, body and spirit. Through small

    adjustments in lifestyle, nutrition and prudent supplementation,
    you can better adapt to the changes that time brings,
    and achieve and maintain optimum health over your lifetime."

Concerning youth, well known T.V. personality, Dr. Oz said:    

Dr. Oz quote

   "If you are in reasonable health, there is absolutely no reason why you

    don't have a fighting chance to get to age 100." "Aging's not about
    avoiding disease. It's about living with vitality."

      Note: neither Dr. Weil and Dr.Oz are associated in any way with this website  

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 Why we age - the best current theories 

Most multicellural organisms undergo biological aging and eventually die. Aging is a complex, inadequately understood process. The two most developed explanations for aging are the programmed aging theory and the cellular damage theory. Refer to the following internal and external articles for more details: 
two theories of aging,  aging,  senescence,    theories of aging

One key point in the programmed aging theory is the idea of telomere dysfunction. With age
the telomere tips on our chromosomes (chromatids
) gradually shorten and, at a certain point,
DNA replication stops. Our cells then enter their senescent phase (reach
their Hayflick limit)
and die. This causes a decrease in tissue mass and bodily fun
ctions; i.e. old age. The telomere
shortening theory of aging (that telomere shortening is a naturally evolved mechanism of
programmed death) is considered by many experts to be more or less correct.
We may not yet
be able to stop the
telomere shortening process but we certainly can slow it down.
 Slowing Telomere ShorteningProtecting Your TelomeresGreen Teapro-Telomere NutrientsVitamin E

The damage "theory" of aging describes a large number of overlapping and loosely related types
of "damages" that occur as we age. These include: genetic damage to our DNA due to mutations,
gradual gene loss, the gradual buildup of damaging cellular wastes and cross-linked compounds,
the gradual buildup of "misrepair errors" and  free radical damage, etc.
The damage "theory"
of aging is also believed to be correct but is incohesive. It is like the story about the blind men
who tried to understand what an elephant is by touching its various parts.  

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 The Basics of Good Health 

A healthy life style and proper nutrition are the basic requirements for good health. These are
the essential first steps you need to take before addressing anti-aging issues through supplements.
Your daily diet must provide adequate amounts of  good protein, essential fats, vitamins, minerals
and calories. A good eating plan should include:
  • whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and limited fat dairy products (milk, cottage cheese etc.)
  • lean meats, fish, poultry. eggs, and nuts
  • very limited amounts of sugar and saturated fats
  • reasonable food portions (to help limit/control daily calorie intake)
If your health is suffering due to poor nutrition anti-aging supplements will not be able to help you
very much. In a nutshell the 5 changes you need to improve your health and extend your  life include:
  • create and stick to an eating plan that maintains a good healthy daily diet
  • getting a minimum (at least 3 times a week) amount of good physical exercise 
  • obtaining/maintaining a reasonable body weight (see Super Food Salads)
  • taking a good multivitamin supplement
  • taking extra Vitamin C, D, E and Fish Oil with Omega  3

Basic nutrients

I recommend taking at least 2 grams of vitamin C (1.5 gram per 100 pounds of body weight) and 800-2000 mg of Fish Oil daily. Taking a good daily multivitamin/mineral supplement on a daily basis is important because many vitamins  and minerals help preserve telomere lengths in human cells and possibly even extend cellular lifespans.  I believe the 5 steps above can prolong your  youth and healthy  life span by many years. Within the next 10 to 20 years, anti-ageing research will probably be able to extend the lifespan of the average person to well over 120 years.    
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Basic health supplements  -  the above mentioned basic vitamin supplements can be obtained in many places. I can not recommend any specific source but I can say that the sources listed below meet Amazon quality standards and are very reasonably priced. I try to show the most effective and least expensive products but you can probably find slightly less expensive comparable products if you look hard enough. 

                OMEGA-3 Purified Fish Oil      C-1000 Refined C   Vitamin D-3 5,000 IU   D3 2000 I.U.

      Ultra Omega-3  Vitamin E 400 IU  Multi Complete multi vitamins   Premium Multi vitamins

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