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The five readily available anti-aging supplements that give you the most for your money were presented here. I don't recommend taking handfuls of pills on a daily basis but there are many other effective anti-aging supplements (ref) that you should be aware of. For now I will limit myself to one page and describe only a few of the better known ones.

Alpha Lipoic Acid:  is an anti-aging supplement and a powerful antioxidant. It is fat and
water soluble and can protect the outer cell membranes and mitochondrial membrane structures
inside the cell membrane (the "cvtosol"). The R form of alpha lipoic acid (RLA) is a good example
of an , "orthomolecular" (a Linus Pauling term) nutrient that
is widely used both nutritionally
and clinically. Benefits of use include:

- reduces inflammation
- accelerates chronic wound healing
- improves age associated cognitive dysfunction
- slows the progression of Alzheimer's
- helps prevent cardiovascular diseases

Coenzyme Q10: (Co-Q10), also known as ubquinone or ubidecarenone, is an
antioxidant found in mitochondtia. It helps transport electrons for energy production
and protects the mitochondria against free radical damage. It is fat soluble and can
protect the outer membranes of the cell and mitochondria. It helps maintain a healthy
cardiovascular system. It can lower systolic blood pressure by up to 17 mm Hg and
diastolic blood pressure by up to 10 mm Hg without significant side effects.
It is an often recommended supplement for sufferers of congestive heart failure and
heavy users of statin cholesterol lowering drugs.Co-Q10 can be taken for many reasons.
Depending on the specific individual problem, the effective dosages can vary greatly.

Cycloastragenol: is a sapogenin derived from Astragalus membranaceis.
In vitri experiments show it seems to moderately increase telomerase activity and
the proliferative capacity of CD4 and CD8 blood cells. It is an ingredient in
the TA-65 product. Per the TA-65 manufacturer: TA-65 telomerase activation works
on targeted cells in your body. It improves cell longevity and quality of life.
In a controlled study, TA-65 improved:
- skin appearance
- overall feeling of well being
- lengthens your shortest telomeres so cells continue to function normally

DHEA: in humans it is the most abundant circulating endogenous steroid hormone.
In animal studies it:
- extended life span of some animals by 50%

- precursor in the production of testosterone, estrogen and other hormones
- protested against heart disease

- protected against cancer
- protected against autoimmune diseases
- boosted the immune system
- countered the effects of stress

Calorie restricted diets increase DHEA concentrations. This partially explains why

calorie restriction increase life expectancy. 7-Keto, a safe DHEA derivative, provides
most of the benefits of regular DHEA with minimal side effects. A few rare and relatively
minor DHEA
side effects have been reported.

GABA:  (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is a neuro transmitter found in the brain
that is synthesized in the brain from glutamate. It helps induce relaxation and
sleep. GABA stimulates the anterior pituitary gland to produce more HGH. 5 grams of
GABA taken orally can increase plasma levels of HGH by 500% 90 minutes after
ingestion. Harmless side effects include: possible short term tingling around
the face and neck, and mild changes in heart rate and/or breathing patterns.
Picamilon, an over the counter supplement, can cross the brain-blood barrier and
hydrolyze into GABA and niacin.

Melatonin:  a powerful antioxidant and natural hormone that is produced by
the pineal gland. It is water and fat soluble. Any significant body exposure to light
stops melatonin production.  Melatonin permeates the body and is replenished daily.
To be effectively used as a supplement, melatonin has to be used on a periodic
on/off  basis because the body quickly adjusts to it effects in a matter of days.

In mice small amounts of melatonin:
- reduce oxidation damage due to aging
- slowed down inflammatory process
- increase longevity

In humans its proven benefits include:
- better quality sleep
- more lucid dreams
- enhanced immune function
- mood elevation
- possible cancer fighter
- possible asthma symptom relief

Pregnenolone:  an anti-aging supplement, pregnenolone is a hormone
precursor for most human hormones. It is synthesized from cholesterol.
Benefits of use include:
- strong memory enhancement
- cognitive performance boost
- strong anti-fatigue agent
- helps repair myelin sheath structure
- boosts immunity
- elevates mood

Pycnogenol:  an anti-aging supplement, pycnogenol is made of a complex
mix of plant flavonoids. Benefits of use include:
- greatly increases power of other antioxidants in the body
- lowers blood pressure by improving micro circulation

Resveratrol:  an anti-aging supplement and powerful antioxidant. Found in the skins
of red grapes. Benefits of  resveratrol  include:
- improves blood flow
- activates a gene that produces the SIRT protein, which is associated with long life
- raises endurance
- raises insulin sensitivity
- delays/prevents aging effects of high blood sugar

In rat and mouse studies resveratrol effects include:
- anticancer properties
- anti-inflammatory properties
- lowering blood sugar

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