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Good human nutrition is essential for enjoying an extra long life. A daily routine that  includes doing moderate excerise, taking a good multi-vitamin pill, having a diet that has less calories, fat and cereal, taking extra vitamin C, D3, E, Omega-3 and a few anti-aging supplements is all you need to extend your life by many years.  
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Super Foods / Nutrition Information Resources

The typical American diet, nutritionally speaking,  is woefully inadequate. The average lifespan in America can be significantly expended through improved nutrition. We need to reduce our caloric intake, make our diets more nutritious, and lower our fat and grain consumption. There is a distinction between essential nutrients and optimum nutrition. Experts say we require 50 to 100 essential human nutrients. They are essential because a deficiency in any of them will, over time, create visible symptoms of malnutrition.

Experts also agree that there are many more non-essential nutrients that can benefit the human body.  The human body requires 100s (some  say 1000s) of interacting nutrients to function at its best. Optimum body health and performance is only possible if we have a good understanding of the ins and outs of nutrition. A partial list of most human nutrients can be found at: Human Nutrients

A similar situation exists in the area of Super Foods. There are many foods that are touted as being  Super Foods. How beneficial are they? Since all foods have varying nutrition values, this question has many possible answers and the answers will vary depending on your individual needs.

Most medical doctors only have a superficial knowledge of basics of nutrition. That leaves only a few authorities that can give you easy to understand answers to these questions. One of the goals of this site is help you educate yourself on the subjects of human nutrition and super foods.

There may be less expensive product merchants available but I have to focus more on providing useful information to you than on product marketing. To simplify website maintenance the only merchant I use is Amazon.

Using Amazon has advantages. Products are frequently discounted and you can search products based on price. Pricing is very competitive because the same product (different vendors) can be listed at lower prices. Products meet certain quality standards before being marketed. Amazon customers can receive emails when products are discounted. A few products are expensive so please do your own pricing research.

Books about Human Nutrition

Human nutrition is a complex subject. The human body may require many 100s of nutrients to achieve optimum levels of health and physical performance. You need to have a good understanding of the science of human nutrition to make sense of all this. I recommend looking at a few of the popular and easy to understand books on human nutrition that appear below. Click on the image of each book for more details.

                     Nutrition Facts       Nutrition         Raw Food Nutrition Handbook       Understanding Nutrition

Books about Super Foods

There are many foods that are "good" for you but are they Super Foods?  What Super foods are best for you?  Check out the popular and easy to understand books on Super Foods and related recipes that are shown below. Click on the image of each book for more details.

  The Top 160 Superfoods  power foods  Superfoods The food and medicine of the future

    SUPERFOODS The 50 Best Foods for You!  11 Easy Super Foods Salad Recipes
  5 Free Super Foods Salads (from the eBook)

This website strives to help maintain your good health through at least the next ten to fifteen years. By that time the fruits of anti-aging research should be available to everyone. Vibrant life spans may then be extended indefinitely. During this interim period we need to maintain our good health. My recommendations include daily: moderate exercise, a good diet (less calories, less fats, less grains), multi-vitamins, extra daily doses of vitamins C, D3, E, extra Omega-3, and the use of anti-aging supplements.
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Note:  anti-aging and anti-ageing  are both correct spellings. This web site uses both forms.  

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