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Anti-Aging Books 

 Anti-aging knowledge doubles every 3 years but popular books always lag behind about 6 month. One way to keep up is to scour the Internet for anti-aging advances several times a week. This does not work for the average Joe. Massive amounts of piecemeal information from research and scientific journals only helps those who already have a strong background in aging and anti-aging.

Popular books are slightly outdated but they play an important role in helping educate the public about anti-aging. They present information in an organized and understandable manner. After you read several such books you will gain enough perspective into anti-aging to be able to appreciate the advances as they occur. Many books are available but those below fulfill this role

The books below are listed on Amazon because they have met Amazon's high  publishing quality standards. 

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The 5 books in the row below deal with the theory of aging and anti-aging    

   Fountain of Youth   Methuselah Project       Outsmart Aging  Anti-aging Therapeutics   Anti Aging Insights

The 5 books below deal with the anti-aging: drugs, superfoods, and tips    

     Anti-Aging Medicines    Anti-Aging Supplements   the Biohacking Manifesto    Dr. Oz  The Good Life

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